A video of a couple arguing in a parking lot went viral online after it ended up in the most unexpected way.

During a heated fight, the woman can be seen shouting, pushing, slapping, even punching and kicking her boyfriend several times.

love quarrel aBut all throughout the assault, the big guy takes all the shots without blocking any of them and replies in a romantic manner.

He suddenly hugs and kisses her, a romantic scene we only see in movies.

love quarrel bHowever, despite the passionate antics he did to calm her, the woman was still not pleased and continues her assaults. Unfortunately, this time, the man had enough and snaps, losing his cool big time!

Misunderstanding and fights are inevitable in a relationship, and to go through this trials one must be understanding and patient. But if you already did your best and it is still not enough to mend your broken relationship, it is better to walk away than hit your partner. You might end up hurting the one you love or end up beating each other. Remember, using violence always have consequences.