We’ve seen a lot of intricately planned proposals on the internet. In contrary, we’ve also seen cheating partners getting busted big time. What if we combine the two, can you imagine the outcome? Well, YouTube user Beany Neal Pudsey made this possible after finding out that his girlfriend Alex is cheating on him.

Pudsey wants to get even with her, so he created a master plan by doing a fake proposal.

He makes sure that his cheating girlfriend would believe this romantic proposal.

CTgsoty - Imgur

When everything feels perfect, Pudsey finally popped out the question…

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And this is what he says: “This is the big question I’m asking you — WHO THE F**K IS THOMAS RUE?”

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After the brutal revelation, Pudsey quickly left the house, leaving Alex in disarray.

Watch the entire video:

It must have been love, but it’s all over now. That song sure breaks her cheating girlfriend’s heart. LOL

Via: Distractify|Image: Imgur