Have you ever heard “Moss Graffiti”? I’m familiar with moss but adding graffiti to the word confuses me at first until I understood what it is…

If you’re an artist or an artist by heart, you will truly love this eco-friendly art. Technically, graffiti is quite illegal unless you had a permission to do it in certain public wall or other surfaces. But I think, “Moss Graffiti” can be an excuse, like what I said, its eco-friendly and the effect is one of a kind. If you want to try it, below is a step by step procedure.

Materials Needed:
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Collect as much moss as you can, for about 3 cups or buy some in the nursery. Not all moss does well on walls. It’s best to gather the moss from pavement, damp bricks, cement walkway. Moss from trees and forest should be left alone.


After you collect the moss, wash it thoroughly to remove as much soil as possible.
Once done, break it to pieces and place it in a blender.
Now add buttermilk or yogurt, beer or water, and sugar. Blend it until it reached the consistency like the paint.
If the mixture drips too much, slowly add corn syrup until the desired smoothness. “Alternatively, use one cup of ordinary milk to 1 to 2 tablespoons of moss.”
Pour the mixture on an empty bucket.
Use a paintbrush and start painting your own design on the wall (with permission) while stirring it occasionally.
After you’re done, check your painting on a regular basis if you live in hot climate environment, it’s better to bring spray bottle.
Spray water on the painting, keep it moist for the moss to effectively grow. You can even repaint the design with the moss-paint to help it grow.
The effectiveness of the moss-paint depends on the climate where you live in or where you put the design.


Better check it regularly. Technically you’re planting a plant that needs care but in a whole new level.

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Instead of paint for making graffiti, we can use a plant based one to create awesome art! Share this with others and start vandalizing in a nice way.