• A mysterious condition left 11-year-old boy with one extremely large bicep.
  • Kid from Rizal, Philippines was dubbed “Popeye” for his bizarre condition.
  • The symptom began when he was four-years-old
Daniel Salvame, 11, from Rizal, Philippines is not your average kid for having a mysterious illness that left him with one extremely large bicep.

The swelling on his left arm starts to appear when he was four and years gone by it turned into full grown muscular arm.

Because of this, Daniel was teased. mocked, and bullied by his classmates but he was not offended, instead told them he was like cartoon strongman Popeye.

He said, “My name’s Daniel but people call me Popeye of course. I have big muscles.

My friends have teased me because I look strange but it does not worry me. I have arms like Popeye.”

His cheerfulness has void the bullies and was determined that one day he will become a bodybuilder and martial arts professional his tormenters wrong and teach them a lesson.

“‘I will be a body builder and learn martial arts when I’m older. Then I can go back to them and say “look at me now’. they will be sorry!”, Daniel said.

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Daniel lives with his 65-year-old grandma Alicia after his mum moved to Hong Kong to work and when he was 5 he was brought to two different doctors and on the second consolation, the expert revealed the cause of the mysterious illness is because Daniel has enlarged heart and blood vessels.

Alicia said. “He is a happy child. He has a lot of friends. He is playful too, but he gets easily tired. When his cousins are here, he likes to sing and dance. Our house, even if it is small, it has a lot of vegetables like sigarilyas and nuts, bataw, patani, kundol, patola.”

At first, the doctors thought it was just a muscle build up but the second opinion they discover that his blood vessels were larger than normal. Unfortunately, due to the high costs of medical treatment the diagnosis on his condition was left out.

The family is doing everything to gather two or three thousand pounds (204, 300) so they can return him back to the doctors for proper diagnosis.

Via: dailyaddaa, unilad