Oral Myasis is a rare condition in which fly larvae or maggots infest the tissue of the oral cavity. These maggots live by feeding on the host’s tissue alive or dead. Myiasis comes from the Latin word ‘myia’ meaning fly and ‘iasis’ which means disease.

Last March, we posted an article about a young Brazilian girl who had a rare case of oral myasis in which surgeon pulled out 15 live maggots in her gums. However, after the nerve-racking video of the girl, another video of this disease went viral online, sending shivers to thousands of viewers.

The footage shows a woman suffering from a painful-looking swollen upper lip.
lip 1
Using a pair of tweezers the doctor starts to remove the larvae inside her mouth.

maggot on lip 1

However, removing the larvae isn’t as easy at it seems. It appears to be stuck inside her lip, so the doctor is forced to repeatedly tug in circular motions. With each swipe of the tweezers the more it revealed itself…

maggot on lip 2

Amazingly, the woman doesn’t appear to be in pain and just lay still during the entire procedure. It is not clear where the footage was filmed or who the patient was. And there’s no detail on how the maggot got inside her lip.

Finally the inch-long worm is remove, pretty huge right?

maggot on lip 3

Warning: Viewers discretion is advised



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Those from poorer social backgrounds and people who have suffered wounds or other injury to the face are often at risk of oral myiasis. It is also more common in regions with a warmer climate. Self hygiene is a must to prevent such kind of disease.

“Infestations of the nose and ears are dangerous because of the possibility of penetration into the brain, the fatality rate is 8 per cent in such cases. However it is very rare to see larvae invade the lips or the mouth, according to a paper in the journal Contemporary Clinical Dentistry” Daily Mail reported.

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