It was just recently when photos of a child treated like a dog went viral, sparking anger among netizens. Good thing is, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has already took custody of the child and the parents are now facing law suit because of child abuse.

While the said issue remains fresh, another video of child abuse is going viral on social media sites causing outrage among web users.

An unidentified woman who seems to be pissed off was seen flipping a baby like a ball out of anger…baby abused 1
The baby was crying but the woman continued to throw her up and down to the extent that she vigorously shake her making the little kid scream out of abused 2

Warning: Viewers discretion is advised


The 50-minute-clip was re-uploaded by Thug LIFE Nationwide on Facebook and according to them, they were asked to share the video which came from Pinoy Viral Videos.

Though the language or dialect of this video is not clear, the woman and the person who’s taking this video must be put behind bars.

I can’t stand what these people did to the little kid, it really makes me furious! Our children are the greatest gift God has given to us so they must be treated with love and care. These people must be penalized as soon as possible.