Wereblog has featured various kinds of rare diseases to educate everyone. However, many were left terrified, grossed, and loathed while some sympathized sufferers. These obscure diseases are pretty rare and that’s the good thing about it. But if you’re the unlucky person who happens to catch one, it’s a totally different story and that’s something Redditor gullibletrout and his wife learned the hard way.

It was in 2010 when a mysterious black spots suddenly began appearing on his wife’s hand.
At first, the couple assumed the tiny dots were just blood blisters…


But they started getting bigger over the next few days.


They tried applying Neosporin in hope to treat them.
But no luck…
They also tried using wart remover but it just made them look even worse.
At one point one of the growths opened and a small tissue like “nodule” was revealed.
Eventually, they decided to seek medical help from a plastic surgeon.
The surgeon quickly removed the black growths.
Now all the spots are gone and have not since reappeared.
The physician believes that they were pyogenic granuloma that can be caused by irritation, physical trauma, or hormonal imbalances.

In Redditor gullibletrout’s wife case, it’s possible that it was caused by a switch in birth control pills. But the good news is that they’re harmless, however there are some cases reported that they grow back.

H/T: Gullibletrout, Lavish Trend | Image credit: Imgur oestk