Photobombing is hilarious. We can make fun of someone without hurting them. But how about when you’re the one being photobombed and what did it is something a little bit scary? Take a look at these 26 creepiest photobombing pictures ever that will surely give you a nightmare.


1. Filipino politician Reynaldo Dagsa was taking a picture of his family and caught a photo of the guy who would shoot him dead seconds later.

creepy (4)

2. This is why I hate taking pictures in the dark.

creepy (19)

3. When you see it!

creepy (1)

4. And whose arm was that?

creepy (2)

5. Looks like a dead teacher to me. Creepy!

creepy (3)

6. Sadako! Run!!

creepy (5)

7. Hey kiddo enjoying the view?

creepy (6)

8. Next time please don’t stand at the door.

creepy (7)

9. Now this will give me a nightmare!

creepy (8)

10. Uhmmmm zup granny?

creepy (9)

11.Perfect! Too perfect to scare me!

creepy (10)

12. What the hell is he doing there?

creepy (11)

13. Dad please stop photobombing. Ain’t funny!

creepy (12)

14. This is really creepy …

creepy (13)

15. Was that Freddy Krueger?

creepy (14)

16. Slenderman joins the photobombing craze too.

creepy (16)

17. Please stop staring at us like that! Might give me a heart attack.

creepy (18)

18. There’s a vampire at your back!

creepy (24)

19. Looks like The Strain spreads all over the world.

creepy (26)

20. There’s so many things in this world that we need to understand.

creepy (27)

21. What the??

creepy (29)

22. But sometimes there are more scary creatures in this world than ghost.

creepy (28)

23. They can be a massive hungry shark …

creepy (21)

24. Waiting for it’s prey.

creepy (22)

25. And sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted

creepy (17)

26. Enjoy hunting bro!

creepy (15)


creepy (20)

via Bright Camel