How many schools in urban areas from around the world promote biodiversity or a green school? Can you name one? Maybe there are few, and there’s one particular school that caught my attention.

In the heart of Paris, a new primary was opened last September 2014 in Boulogne Billancourt, a commune in the western suburbs of Paris. The school was designed by Paris-based Chartier-Dalix Architects who won the winning design in a competition in 2011.

The design of this school promotes science, biodiversity and sustainable development through its architecture. And it shows by having a large green roof, an ‘elevated landscape’, it was made to introduce elements of the natural environment to a metropolitan setting.

The school features eighteen classrooms, and a sports facility that is open for local residents. The public gymnasium rises to a height of 12 meters, while educational spaces are primarily housed on the ground and first floors, before rising progressively to the third storey. Each grade level has its own playground, and each playground will have a mineral soil treatment decorated with furniture and some trees. An inhabited wall forms the outer boundary of the plot. This wall is made of prefabricated concrete blocks which vary in depth, creating a scalable façade made of crevices and interstices of holes of various sizes that can accommodate vegetation and small birds.”

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Via: Amusing Planet

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