We’ve been sharing mind-boggling stories about people finding unusual things inside their bodies. Some are left terrified, while others couldn’t even believe and kept asking themselves, how did they get that?

Aaron and Emma Whittington had this question in their minds when they thought that their daughter Mya only had a severe pimple but turns out to be something else…

At first, the couple thought it was just a mere pimple growing on Mya’s jaw but they got worried when the tiny lump gets bigger and bigger.

Mya Whittington

The anxious parents took their seven-month-old baby to the doctor after the swelling grew into the size of a golf ball.

Mya Whittington 6

Simple infection is the initial diagnostic of the doctors to the baby’s swelling but it didn’t take them long to realize that it was something out of the ordinary.

Days later, the Whittingtons noticed something odd sticking from the spot but they left it alone since the doctor hadn’t done anything to it.


But they were not prepared to the horrifying truth that was about to unveil. Both the doctors and the parents were shocked to find out that it was a two-inch-long black feather lodged underneath the baby’s skin that causes the swelling. And no one knows when and how it happened.

Mya’s pediatrician put on a pair of gloves and plucked the feather from the swollen area of the child’s neck.

Mya Whittington 2

The most reasonable assumption they could think of is, the baby accidentally inhaled the feather, then pierced the inside of her cheek. And the natural reaction of the baby’s body to foreign object kicked in forcing it out, the only way the feather could get out.

‘She’s been pulling on the left side of her face for a couple of months,’ Emma said, but she suspected it was teething or an ear infection.

Mya Whittington 3

According to RN Sandra Mathis, she has never seen something like this in her 20 years at the hospital, though she recalls a child coming in once with hairbrush bristles stuck in its tonsils that had to be removed, from chewing on a brush.

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Sometimes false assumptions only lead to greater danger so it’s better to regularly check up your kids.

H/T: Daily Mail