They said costumers are always right, true unless you chose to be a jerk and took the privilege for granted like these two female diners who ends up with a cake on their faces.

  • Fed-up waiters slam cake into rude diners’ faces
  • Pair of waiters arguing with two woman sitting at a table at Guramma Italiana restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Restaurant boss refuse to punish the waiters and insisted situation was provoked by the clients.
  • Witnesses burst into laughter as soon the ill-mannered women were cake-covered faces.

A footage showing shows the pair of waiters arguing with two women sitting at a table at Guramma Italiana restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine.

One of the woman can be heard saying: “Why the f*** would I eat your cake?”
One of the waiters has grown tired of two diners’ rudeness and slammed cake into the face of one the woman.
This prompted the outrage of her female companion to jump to her feet and throws her drink over the waiter.
But the waiter’s colleague grabs another cake from the table and throws it at the other woman.

At this point, the two cake-covered diners can be heard shouting: “What the f*** is going on here?” while the witnesses burst into laughter.

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Amazingly, the waiters action did not get them into to trouble, in fact their boss’ backed them up as the restaurant spokesman said:

“The clients were very rude.

“The waiters could not stand their tone any longer and did what they did.

“The situation was provoked by the clients, the waiters will not be punished.”

This incident will remind us that, despite the saying “The Customer is Always Right” it never gives us the right to be rude to others.

Via: Mirror