More often than not, women’s instinct is deadly accurate. So when this spouse feels something fishy is going on with her better half, she took actions and investigates.

The Thai woman secretly followed her husband’s car. When the car stopped in the parking lot and her husband stepped out of the vehicle, she immediately approached it.

There she found a woman wearing a fairly revealing dress, with her hair covering her face as she was too embarrassed in the wake of getting busted.

The wife tried to force her out of the car but she was too reluctant.

The spouse then grabs the mistress’ bag and spilled out its contents. That was the point at which she found a couple of condoms and several s3x stimulating drugs.

Thus proving the woman’s intimate relationship with her husband.

The wife tried to uncover the woman’s face but the husband came to stop her.

He claims that it was just misunderstanding and nothing was going on between him and the woman. Somehow, he hurriedly drove off with the mistress.