Nowadays, some people will do anything just to achieve their material desires, even to the extent of sacrificing their dignity. Take this Chinese teen as an example, who’s willing to trade her virginity for an iPhone 8.

A 17-year-old girl, nicknamed Xiao Chen, wanted the latest iPhone 8, which ‘all her friends’ have. Somehow, she can’t afford her expensive desire and resorted to giving up her first blood in exchange for the device.

Chen then posted an indecent offer on an online forum, promising to give up her first time for a cash payment of 20,000 RMB ($3017) in order to buy the iPhone.

Her offer was immediately accepted by a rich client and the two agreed to meet in a hotel.

The man then handed her a brand new iPhone 8 and started talking.

But things escalated quickly when 3 other men came inside the room. Two of them were half-naked while the other one was holding a camera.

Chen knew she’s in serious trouble and tried to leave the room but she was pinned down on the bed by the men.

She screams in fear and that exact moment a woman came in. Watch what happens next.

Apparently, the whole thing was a stunt set up by vlogger Nana Henying. It is actually Nana who found the offer on the internet and decide to teach the teen a lesson.

As seen in the first part of the video, Nana posed as the secretary of a rich client and interviewed the teenager in a tea house. During their conversation, Xiao Chen explains that one of her friends slept with a wealthy stranger and earned an easy 20,000 RMB. That’s why she was convinced to do the same.

“All I have to do is lie there, right? We each get what we want. I’ve already thought it through.” Chen said.

Nana, whose show focuses on exposing poor social behavior and challenging the human condition, tries to talk the girl out of the deal, but Xiao Chen insisted. So the vlogger staged the deal just to lecture the teen, saying:

“Now are you afraid? Well, it’s too late now! It’s not worth selling anything just for a phone.”

On the other hand, many were skeptic about the authenticity of the video, but the majority agreed that Nana was exposing a real-life issue of today’s society – that many will do anything in exchange of a luxurious feat.