As a kid, I was petrified with clowns. I just can’t stand seeing them around, nope, not even on TV. I’m pretty sure there are a lot out there who shares the same fear. Bozo maybe is the most popular clown, aside from McDonald of course. Bozo was supposed to be funny, but every time I remember that clown’s face, I always get that cringe feeling. If you’re not scared of them, that’s great, but you’ll probably hate them after watching ‘IT’ by Stephen Kings.

Aside from clowns, mummies are one of the scariest things who haunts me in my sleep. I don’t know why, but they just scare the crap outta me. So, imagine seeing a clown plus a mummy in one. Yes, a mummified clown! It’s like an inception of a horrific creature in a nightmare you’d wish to never experience.

The California Institute of Abnormalarts (CIA) is a museum and concert venue in the North Hollywood area of Los Angeles.

California Institute of Abnormalarts01It is a venue for the best of the underground featuring art, music, magic, puppetry and independent film. You can go here if you want the ultimate Freak Show experience. This is also the place where you can find the mummified corpse of a clown who died in 1912 named, Achile Chatouilleu.

Achile Chatouilleu died a century ago, but his body is well preserved.

Achile Chatouilleu 02Chatouilleu, whose name translates to “French tickler,” was born Feb. 3, 1866. He is believed to be a famous performer during his day. According to his death certificate, he died of “chronic nephritis” on January 13, 1912, at the age of 45. In his will, he asked to be embalmed and his body be forever on display while dressed in his favorite clown costume.

A report said that the retired clown’s body was embalmed in mercury, arsenic or a combination.

Achile Chatouilleu 01Chatouilleu’s cadaver now lies in California Institute of Abnormalarts, along with a collection of classic sideshow exhibits and paraphernalia on display.

Somehow, some cited the mummified clown to be a hoax and just part of an elaborate made up story to gain attraction. But CIA co-owner Carl Crew defended that it is quite real. Crew uses the clown’s death certificate as an evidence along with photos, said to be of Chatouilleu when he was still alive.

While there is no real proof that this particular mummy clown is Chatouilleu himself, it is indeed a well-preserved body. Something that would be difficult to fabricate. The mercury and arsenic used to embalm the body are accurate for his time, experts say.

The mummified clown became a local attraction at the CIA where visitors offered gifts for the dearly departed.

Achile Chatouilleu 03Is still unsure whether or not the corpse really belongs to famous Chatouilleu, though it doesn’t really matter. Seeing something like this will surely give you creeps. If you are adventurous and would like to experience rarity, this is definitely for you.

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