High-rise buildings are everywhere but safety is one big issue and fire is one of the terrifying thing that could happen, however, a simple, clever and absolutely effective elevator design that can help people to escape the building.

  • A simple, clever and definitely effective elevator design is a must to have in every building.
  • Nerigo Lift from South Korea is the first elevator that doesn’t use any kind of electric power
  • The Nerigo Lift uses human weight to lower down and an effective evacuation instrument during catastrophe
The South-Korean elevator-type evacuation instrument called “Nerigo Lift” is the first among its kind that were operated with free of any power.

When the user rides on the platform, his/her weight will make the lift descent on the lower floor and it will go back to its original position automatically when the user steps down from it.

The Nerigo Lift is design to be use quickly and safely of any age and even handicapped for as long they move by themselves.

People can install and use “Nerigo Lift” in all kinds of structures and also as an emergency evacuation elevator which can provide a direct, through-floor escape route in a high rise building.

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Since it has no power, the lift rely solely on physics, it’s a perfect evacuation instrument during catastrophe and power outage were conventional elevators can’t be use.

“Nerigo Lift”’s emergency evacuation is a vital but straightforward invention that can save innumerable lives which can service one adult with one child at a time.

Via: Feedytv