It’s a sad reality that people tends to trash your dreams but with a sheer determination and faith, your hard-work will bear fruit just like what happened to this African guy.

  • People ridicule him for buying old tires but few months passed most girls wants to marry him.
  • Malcolm, a poor African guy is hardworking and has used his industrious nature to create a homemade sandal out of sloppy tires.
  • Though uneducated and unskilled for other career, he was able to finally succeeded in making a successful career.

Malcolm is an African, born in a poor family, he’s uneducated and unskilled for a career that could earn him money for a better life. They are even poorer because of his father’s gambling and alcohol addiction that even if he works overtime or do more jobs, it’s hard to make end meet.

Because of this, Malcolm decided to start his own business even with his little capital he started buying old sloppy tires every day and dismantle them in the backyard.

However, Malcolm was ridicule by his relatives and the villagers because he bought the useless waste despite having no money to spend.

But Malcolm turn deaf of the mockery and with sheer determination he worked day and night until finally, the first fruits were the rubber slippers.

These simple sandals were carefully by Malcolm making sure it was durable and beautiful and it only 2 to 5 dollars a pair.

Malcolm’s handmade sandals are eco-friendly, durable and affordable, thus it became popular instantly in Africa and his business starts to grow.

The increase in demand gave birth to Malcolm’s shoe factory hired another group of workers which most of them are from his villagers.

Malcolm’s success has changed the villager’s views and attitude towards him and in few months’ time, he was able to paid off his family debt as well as getting wealthy.

As his business flourishes and workers began increasing, Malcolm created more sandals with more variety and color to maintain the market.

Malcolm’s slippers are good quality, good design and it is sold for a reasonable price making it famous to many different markets.

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Malcolm’s journey to rise from nothing has been an inspiration to people around him and he was able to give more stable source of income and life to the villagers. And his achievement brought a lot of beautiful girls in the village pursue the desire to get married with him.

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