There are 285,000,000 visually impaired people worldwide. While we are enjoying all the technological advances that we have right now for the communication, blind people are left behind.

For twenty years, there was almost no innovation. Existing braille devices are bulky and expensive. DOT aims to change it. For about 2 years, DOT has been working on their first smart watch for the visually impaired people.

DOT is an active braille device.

It is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and can receive any text information from any app or services.

The idea took off when Eric Kim, the Founder, and CEO, came across a blind classmate hauling large, bulky books during his studies at the University of Washington. He realized that, while most students were using tablet devices in class, this particular student wasn’t able to take advantage of the new technologies widely available.

For input, there’s a crown and two buttons. Comes with full watch functionality.
Dot is made from super light aluminum and the battery lasts for seven days. The most importantly, it’s affordable at just $290.
Erick Gallegos – “I have this, Braille smart watch which is a huge life changing in technology for me. It behaves as navigation, notification and a remote system.”
If you get a call, it vibrates and you can check who is calling you.

You can get on google maps and find near Starbucks. Literally at your fingertips.

Watch this and learn more about DOT.


DOT is an open system. Anyone can write programs for it. All kinds of apps are already in development.

This product will definitely help our family and friends who are visually impaired. They will have the product that will make them feel and understand the technological advances we have right now.

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