• Approximately 80 people have collapsed in or near a park in the U.S. after suffering overdoses from a synthetic marijuana.
  • People were seen vomiting, dropping to the ground unconscious, becoming lethargic as they fell ill
  • Paramedics and police, social workers and mental health professionals were sent to aid the victims.

While other countries like the Philippines, “War on Drugs” campaign gets mix response around the world, illegal drugs continues to plaque countries with powerful and fatal kinds of drugs such as this synthetic marijuana.

Almost 80 people have collapsed instantly after suffering overdoses of this marijuana near a park in New Haven Green, Connecticut.

People were seen dropping to the ground unconscious, vomiting and becoming lethargic as they fell ill and paramedics and police, social workers and mental health professionals were sent to aid the victims.

The chaotic scenes left 76 people collapsed on Wednesday and another 17 fell ill on Thursday but officials are not sure whether Thursday’s overdoses involved the same batch of ‘K2’ synthetic marijuana.

Fortunately, no deaths were reported and most of the victims were discharge though some were said to be in a critical condition.

“Synthetic marijuana, called ‘spice’ and also known for other names, is usually a plant material sprayed with chemicals or other substances that is sold in small, colorful packets. It has been blamed for other mass overdoses across the country.”

Apparently, a powerful opioid fentanyl is also blamed for overdoses as some of the New Haven victims tested positive of the substance but the most of the victim overdoses were caused solely by synthetic marijuana.

According to police Chief Anthony Campbell, one of three people arrested in connection with the overdoses apparently gave K2 away for free in an effort to get people hooked.

Surprisingly, New Have provides an array of services to people addicted to drugs, many of whom come from other towns where such treatment programs aren’t available.

Campbell said, “Someone … with malice in their heart took advantage of that, took advantage of this vulnerable population. But that will not stop this city from reaching its hand out to those who are in need and treating them and providing those services.’’

He also said. “officers were executing search warrants in an effort to get all the bad drugs off the streets. He said that in addition to state charges, the suspects could also face federal charges.”

Meanwhile, the names of the suspects haven’t been released.

Via: Metro