A man who literally parked his car over two spaces gets owned by other motorists and learned a lesson he’ll never forget.

  • Man inconsiderately parked his car over two spaces
  • Two guy who owns huge jeeps parked on both side of the offending red car
  • The two drivers decided to teach the owner of the red car a lesson for his thoughtless parking

It’s a natural thing to park your car properly on a parking lot, however, there are some inconsiderate people who will do the opposite intentionally, just like this guy who parked his car over two spaces.

Thinking he got away with it, two guys with a huge truck decided to get revenge on his lousy parking by squeezing their big vehicles on both side as close as they can.
Then the drivers of the two trucks hide behind the grass and decided to wait and film the owner of the red car they sandwiched and see his reaction.
As expected, the driver was absolutely gobsmacked by the tight scenario he’s witnessing at the parking lot while assessing on how he can open his car doors.
The man threw his arms around in a tantrum as the two huge jeeps left him no room to open the side door and made the guy enter through the back door.
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The men behind the camera laughed at the success of their plan on teaching this guy a lesson for his thoughtless parking.

The video was taken in Oregon, USA, when two people – who just happened to both own huge jeeps.

Via: Unilad