Being a single mom is very challenging. Single mothers take on the responsibilities of both parents, thus limiting their social life and even time for themselves. That’s why some of them use online dating websites to meet men. But do men prefer dating a single mom? How will they react when they unexpectedly find out that she has a child? Let’s see…

Hammy TV asked a professional actress named Amber, to post a profile on Tinder as a single woman. Gorgeous as she is, men couldn’t resist her charm and met her at a public park. Oh by the way, this is just a prank to find out what will happen when a child shows up during a date.

At first, the dates went pretty well as the men thought they were dating a sexy childless woman.

tinder date 2

But when her son suddenly shows up, things went differently. They freaked out and were quite disappointed.

tinder date 3

See how the men reacted below:

Well that bratty kid asked some very awkward questions. In the end, both men couldn’t handle being on date with the son and left!

This maybe just a prank but I think it reflects the reality in real life. Some men would prefer a single woman than a single mom. This is why women should be cautious when dating. Choose a man who will accept and love you for who you are, even if you are a single mom.