Love is a miracle. Time and time again, it proves its mystical powers to each and every one of us. Though many didn’t want to accept that miracles for reasons, but still love transpires infinitely. It heals, it saves lives, it gives hope and it gives peace in our heart during difficult times.

Miracles of love transcend our primitive understanding and beliefs. It comes in many forms, time and situations mostly, when you least expected it. And the most common moment you will see these miracles are through mother and their newborn babies. The bond between them defies all the odds even the greatest minds can’t scientifically and medically explain.

Like the story of the family of Benjamin, Lyndsey and Ward, their prematurely born baby boy.  If you can’t stay long in the hospital room of a sick person with tubes and wires all over him or her, what more can you feel for a three and a half months old premature baby. We know the fact that premature babies as young as Ward often can’t survive even with all the medical help. But the miracle of love once again demonstrated its power to the whole world and Ward survives the ordeal.

Lindsey got to hold Ward for the first time.

little baby 1

Ward was born 3 ½ months old premature weighing only 1.5 lbs.
little baby 4
Ward stays in the NICU with all the tubes and wires for his survival.
little baby 2
Slowly and patiently, Ward conditions starts to change. He recovers, develops and grows.

little baby 5

After spending many days in the NICU and nights without her mother, Ward is now ready to go home.

little baby 6

Ward grow into a healthy baby, even doctors are amazed by his progress.

little baby 8

Ward is doing very well, kicking his legs and laughing like other babies.

little baby 11

Both parents are proud of how far Ward has come.

little baby 9

Look at Ward Miles now, a miracle baby…

little baby 10

Watch the video:


 via: SF Globe


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Ward was born prematurely on July 26, 2012. He miraculously survives the biggest challenge of their family and grows into a healthy baby boy. By now he’s almost three and giving heavenly happiness to his parent and relatives. His story is an inspiration to all and to the next generation.