We all know how brutal MMA fights are, as fighters have only one thing in their mind — defeat their opponents. We’ve seen bloody faces, broken arms and legs, knockouts, and of course, submissions. Some are left with pride while others are left humiliated. But one MMA is on the latter side not just because he lost, but he left something embarrassing in the ring…his poop!

MMA fighter Travis Wolford left a huge mark of embarrassment after defecating himself in front of a large crowd while in a bout with Daniel Cooper in the heavyweight ‘Ruckus in the Cage’ event in West Virginia.

At first, the two were exchanging fatal blows, but Cooper had the upper hand on Travis as he battered him with punches and quickly put him down.


Travis tried to resist but Cooper caught him in a vicious guillotine chokehold.


That’s when a wet brown mark on Travis’ shorts started to appear. By this time you already know what’s coming next…


Travis ended up tapping out but as soon as he gets up, he exploded feces all over the cage, it even runs down his leg.


Even his opponent and the referee were left disgusted as they slowly backs away after realizing it was a poo. Somehow, “The Brown Bomber” seemed to take the cringe-inducing accident in his stride and left the ring, surely to clean up.


As the crowd goes wild, a woman can be also heard saying, “Oh my God, I wanna throw up!” while the camera zooms at the excrement.

Nauseous from the fight, event promoter Chris Smith said: “Everyone is still talking about it. Never seen anything this gross in my entire career of promoting fights but **** happens.”

Apparently, Travis Wolford went to Chili Night and ate some hot chili just hours before the fight. That’s the reason why he unexpectedly exploded a bunch of chili beans and tomato sauce all over the octagon canvass. Wolford said he felt like he instantly lost 15 pounds during the embarrassing accident.

This is a lesson to all of us not to eat something explosive before a fight, you might not want to end up being “literally beaten out of sh*t.”

H/T: Mirror, Daily Star