With online selling becoming a trend nowadays, people can sell anything they want online, even virginity.

Two Dutch students have become the latest followers of women to auction their virginity online.

Lola, 18, and Monica, 23, both from Netherlands, have offered their precious body to the highest bidder on Cinderella Escorts.

Cinderella Escorts is a website which hosts listings of virgins from around the world.

The website claims Monica and Lola are verified virgins through medical testing.

Bids for both young women currently start at 20,000 euros (£17,682).

According to the two students, the money they will get from the auction will help cover the costs of a university education and help their family debts.

Lola said, “I want to sell my virginity on Cinderella Escorts because I want to pay for my school and live a life free of financial worries. I will also use this money to help my family with some various debts that they have.”

Though many people disagree with her decision, she has her own reason: “Not many people actually stay with the person that they lost their virginity to for their entire life. I’d rather do something like this where I not only benefit but I also avoid getting my feelings hurt by someone who might leave me when he’s finished with me”.

On the other hand, Monica explained that she still had not found someone worth giving her virginity to and added: “Doing this would also help fund my studies due to the fact that university is not cheap. I like that we live in a society and time where we can decide what we would like to do with our bodies. It’s important to me to feel in control of my body. While some people may not agree with me I think that this is best for me and it will also help me secure my future.”

For many, virginity is a precious thing that must only be given to someone you truly love. But the world now revolves in a different way, people now have different views. So who are we to judge them?

Via: Daily Mail