A 14-year-old Vietnamese girl tragedically lost her life after being electrocuted in her sleep by a faulty iPhone charging cable.

According to police in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi, the girl identified as Le Thi Xoan had rolled over onto the torn cable and as a result, been exposed to the live wire. She was found unconscious by her parents and rushed to a local hospital. However, was pronounced dead, as doctors were unable to save her.

Medics confirmed electrocution as the cause of death.

Upon investigation, police found a burnt white cable on her bed.

The cable has a slight tear in the rubber casing which may have revealed the live wires inside. A see-through tape had also been wrapped around the front of the cable, suggesting that the victim may have been aware of the cable damaged but decided to continue using it regardless.

Heartbreaking: Friends and relatives attended the memorial for Le Thi Xoan.

Investigators believe Le Thi Xoan had charged her iPhone 6 on her bed and accidentally rolled onto the faulty charging cable, thus, causing her to get electrocuted.

The charging cable is being inspected to determine whether it was the original Apple wire or a third-party device.

As seen in the picture above, it appears to be shorter than Apple’s original 20-inch charging cable. Which indicates it could have been just a replacement cable.

Via: Daily Mail