The Nintendo Switch is the seventh major home video game console developed by Nintendo. Officially unveiled in October 2016, and was released worldwide on March 3, 2017.

Nintendo switch is a “hybrid” console. You can use it while inserted onto its docking station, while in a standalone table top mode or a portable handheld mode.

TV mode.

Tabletop mode – you can release the controls and play it like this without the TV.

Handheld mode. This is best if you are on the go.

Watch this to learn more about this console and find out more gaming modes and it’s hardware overview.

A Gamer is someone who plays interactive games, usually video games, although games can also come in other forms, such as the tabletop or physical games. There is also a never-ending debate between gamers on which device is better, a console of a PC.

I consider myself a casual gamer and I’m not very particular on which device to use. I just enjoy it. I actually started with a game & watch when I was a kid, then the Nintendo Family Computer. Played also with several consoles like Wii, Xbox, Play Station 1 to 4 and portable. I also like PC games. Now, Nintendo just released the most talked about console and I’m seeing a lot of mixed opinion about it. Because I can’t get a hand on one right now, I looked for an honest review about it and I believe I found one from Gameranx.

Watch this and let me know if you agree with his review of the new Nintendo Switch.

As a bonus, I think a lot of you would love to see how durable is the new Nintendo Switch.

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