A video of a guy stealing a girl from a Chinese guy has gone viral online but viewers are not so happy about it.

The Western Sausage Incident, as it has become known, was uploaded by two Americans which was filmed in Hong Kong’s infamous Lan Kwai Fong bar district.

The footage shows two white guys, two Chinese girls and a Chinese guy partying in a Hong Kong Street.

It seems like a normal night wherein guys pick up girls, though this time there is a rivalry between two men. At first, it was the Asian guy who is on the move.

He chats with the girl and somehow managed to put his arms on her shoulder.

The footage was then cut and when it resumes, the girl was already held close by the white dude while the Chinese guy holds her hand. WTF?

This dude is slowly turning into a 5th wheel, with the white guy clearly winning the girl.

Soon the American kissed the girl while the other guy chats with the other couple.

The Chinese knew what was going on and can be seen so dumbfounded and confused.

The twisted pair continues their intimate moments while the poor Chinese guy still holds the girl’s hand in the midst of confusion.

Later on, the Hong Kong girl walked away with the American guy, leaving the Chinese guy behind.

Watch the video:

Many were unhappy about the said footage which shows the Westerners belittling the Asian guy.

The Western Sausage Incident garners negative reactions online with most comments pointing fingers at the Americans. One commenter said: “Liking westerners is a personal choice, but having westerners objectify Asian women is just colonialism.”

However, on HK Golden Forum, where personal details and pictures of all four have been posted, one user asked, “what if the roles were reversed and a Hong Kong guy picked up a western girl, what would everyone’s reaction be then?”

Via: Shanghaiist