“Nice Photo of a Parrot”aparrot 1 That’s what you think! True it’s a parrot at first glance but look closely and you’ll see the real image behind it… a woman posing with a body paint of a parrot!

Johannes Stoetter, 35, a former world champion body painter and lives in Italy spent four weeks cleverly painstakingly paint the female model to resemble the tropical bird. He uses a special breathable paint and took him four hours to finish the parrot, and further hour just to position her perfectly on a tree trump before taking photographs.

Even his closest friends who knew him didn’t notice that his art is not a real parrot. “When they found out, they were really amazed, stunned and surprised”

He added: ‘I feel very happy with the final work. Most people’s reaction are “nice photo of a parrot, where did you photograph it?”

See How He Do It Belowarticle-2580260-1C3FD2AB00000578-49_634x433 This parrot is, in fact, a woman whose body has been cleverly painted to resemble the tropical bird

article-2580260-1C40B0BD00000578-269_634x423 article-2580260-1C40B83300000578-778_634x477 article-2580260-1C40572300000578-325_634x417 Johannes Stoetter was crowned World Body Painting Champion in 2012

Here Are Some Videos Of His Work

Another video


source: Johannes Stoetter | Daily Mail