Smoking kills and that’s a fact! It’s the naked truth but still many are being cheered to smoking.  Maybe it’s because of peer pressure or influence by others. Even though there are a lot of warnings, documentaries, and awareness campaigns, it seems people don’t want to listen. In fact, the smokers are getting younger and bolder. This is alarming and it should be stop!

I’m hoping this simple experiment that graphically demonstrates the poisons chemical contained in a cigarette will be sowed deep inside the heart and mind of young people and adults not to smoke anymore or perhaps lessen the intake.

The materials: Don’t forget the pen with a lid!
1 materials
Near the base make a hole and press fit a pen with its lid. Close the lid and then fill the bottle almost 3 quarters with ordinary tap water.
Now make a hole in the cap of the bottle and press fit the filter tip of the cigarette in the hole and then screw back the cap on the bottle.


Light a match stick and then light the cigarette.
Then open the pen lid below, so that the water pours out and it will going to suck air from the top and smoke will come inside the bottle. You can see it the white smoke trapped inside. As the water runs out, the bottle will be filled with white smoke.
Remove the cap and then take two layers of filter paper or a tissue paper, tie it with the rubber band on the mouth of the bottle.
Then hold the bottle and blow it out,  the smoke will exit from the bottle and slowly the smoky bottle becomes transparent.
All the smoke had to pass from the filter paper or issue paper like a sieve (this would be your lungs). Now take off the filter paper and you will see the stained left by the smoke is nicotine tar.
This is what cigarettes do to your lungs. So better quit smoking!


Here’s another experiment:


H/T: Arvind Gupta via: truthport

My uncle works as an orderly in the hospital, in an operating room department. He was a smoker too, but when he saw the lungs of a lung cancer patient in the operating room, it gives him chills and decided to stop smoking permanently. To all smokers out there, stop and quit before it’s too late!