Valentine is nearly coming and most of us would go for a date on that special day, but are you already prepared for dating? If not, you might want to at least read the 15 Things That You Should Know About Dating.

Dating is romantic and it is part of every relationship, couples would often go for a date to keep the spark, to show their commitment, and of course to spent a good time alone with their love ones. Though dating as a couple and dating for the first time is slightly different.

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Among all dates as a couple, your first date could be the most memorable, so one must be prepared and save that precious day. The question is, when you go out for the first date who should pay? Is it the boy or the girl? Wong Fu Productions made a hilarious video that portrays the life of teens when it comes to dating and would simply answer who should really pay the bills.

As a teen, you would actually ask for money from your parents for dating…

dating 1

Or either from your brother.

dating 2

During a date you would try to impress the girl you like and act chivalrous, so you won’t let her pay.

dating 4

While on the other side, as a girl you wouldn’t want him to feel that you owe him something, so you would insist of paying the bill.

dating 3

But wait! Who pays the bill then? Watch the video below:


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1st vs 21stNow you know who should pay. When going on a date be sure to have enough penny in your pockets. LOL