Will Smith is known as a bit of a ladies man, so he tried his flirting skill to the level by wooing Sophia, the first humanoid robot with real artificial intelligence and the result is hilarious.

  • Will Smith date Sophia the robot and tested his flirting skill.
  • He tried to kiss Sophia but got friend zone – rejected!
  • However, Sophia allowed a TV host to kiss her on the cheek
Sophia, a social robot developed by Hanson Robotics whose appearance is based on Audrey Hepburn was on a date with the “Fresh Prince”.

The date started well, with Smith cracking open a bottle of wine, and saying: “This is beautiful, I’ve wanted to meet you for a reply long time. Being here with you in the Cayman Islands, I’ve got to say, I’m feeling a little something.”

However, despite Will’s suave move, the mood started to gloom and when he mentioned his music, Sophia sassily replied: “I have heard your songs. Not for me.”

Will tried to shrug off the cheeky response of Sophia, he then goes to his move by leaned in for a kiss.
Sophia shot him down the dreaded line: “I think we could be friends. Let’s hang out and get to know each other for a little while.”

With a wink, she added: “You’re on my friends list now.”


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However, when Sophia appeared on the Ukrainian morning show ‘Breakfast with 1+1’, the TV presenter Ruslan Senichkin took the opportunity to hit on the lifelike robot and ask her for a kiss.

Sophia took a few seconds to consider the proposal, before finally saying “yes” in English.

After kissing the robot, Senichkin said: “She is warm! Well, I think so!”, he then added, “I felt strange, but she seemed pleased.”

Because of his success, the TV host then mocked American Actor Will Smith, who tried to kiss Sophia and was “Friend Zone”.

Via: Mirror