Tears are often results of pain, sadness, and even joy, it is also a way to cleanse our eyes from minor dirt. Strangely, tears literally have been the cause for a Chinese woman to suffer, as she has been mysteriously producing stone tears for seven years. The woman has now turned to the media for help because doctors won’t take her seriously.

Seven years ago, Ding Aihua felt a pain in her eyes and her husband, Liang Xinchun, was shocked to find a stone under her eyelid.

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Since then, she has been producing stone tears. Liang, who is a farmer in Lufang village in Heze City Shandong, China, uses wire to remove the stone to ease her wife’s pain.

After the stones were removed, she was okay for a while. Shockingly, he had discovered another stone in her eyes, which are hard, silvery white stones and are difficult to remove.

Liang have collected 10 of the small stones from his wife’s eye.

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Sadly, no doctors have been able to explain the bizarre phenomena, and every time they went to the hospital, they won’t take them seriously, treating them as if they are crazy. Despite going all over the country looking for treatment, medics usually refuse to accept that he and his wife are telling the truth.

He said: “They treat us as if we are mental cases.”


Because of such treatment from medical experts, Liang decided to seek for the media’s help and actually showed one of the stones in his wife’s eye socket to prove her strange problem is for real.

Liang said: “It is incredibly painful this problem with her eyes, her health is perfectly normal.”

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The couple’s media attempt didn’t go to waste, a journalist accompanied them to the hospital, and doctors admitted that they were also baffled as to what the possible explanation might be.

H/T: Mirror