I love swimming, I prefer beaches and lakes over other places. Recently, I went wave surfing and I loved it, but after watching this video, I find myself having difficulty in breathing.

Medical definition, Panic Attack is a sudden surge of overwhelming anxiety and fear. Your heart pounds and you can’t breathe. You may even feel like you’re dying or going crazy. A panic attack on dry land is already bad, imagine having one 15 meters or 50 feet under water. This scuba diver suffered it under water, and it is just unbearable.

Panicked, the woman seems lost, spit out her regulator and took off her mask.panic attack 01

Gladly, their Dive instructor initiate an emergency ascent to save the life of the lady diver.

In this photo you’ll see how worried she is the moment they reached the surface.
panic attack 03
This footage was recorded by a scuba instructor in South Africa last summer.

I feel like I need to get some air after watching this and going to the beach is now last on my priority. If you are feeling the same, hopefully the next video you watch will help you get over that anxiety.

Via: Viralnova