In Osaka, Japan there’s a coffee shop named Café 10g that serves latte with an amazing twist. I bet you wouldn’t dare to touch or drink this latte when you see it. Thanks to Kazuki Yamamoto, a Japanese barista, we can experience an astounding 3D art in your Latte! He uses foam from a very thick creamy steamed milk that would make his creation rise up in a cup. Kazuki Yamamoto’s 3D Latte is something to look forward to, not just for your eyes, instagram, facebook, or twitter, but specially for your taste buds too.

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Kazuki Yamamoto 3D Latte Art Kazuki-Yamamoto-3D-latte-art15 Kazuki-Yamamoto-3D-latte-art3 Kazuki-Yamamoto-3D-latte-art5 Kazuki-Yamamoto-3D-latte-art7 Kazuki-Yamamoto-3D-latte-art9 Kazuki-Yamamoto-3D-latte-art11 Kazuki-Yamamoto-3D-latte-art13 Kazuki-Yamamoto-3D-latte-art17 Kazuki-Yamamoto-3D-latte-art2-normal Kazuki-Yamamoto-3D-latte-art4 Kazuki-Yamamoto-3D-latte-art6 Kazuki-Yamamoto-3D-latte-art8 Kazuki-Yamamoto-3D-latte-art10 Kazuki-Yamamoto-3D-latte-art12 Kazuki-Yamamoto-3D-latte-art14 Kazuki-Yamamoto-3D-latte-art16

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