Casey Neistat created a non-sponsored video just for this self-lacing Nike shoes because the story behind making this is really heart-warming. If you can remember, Nike initially released the self-lacing shoes from the movie “Back to the Future” and announced that they are going to make one for the masses.

The motor is located underneath and you can’t even feel that it is there.

It comes with a charger that you just have to clip it where it says MT.

It lit when lacing up or unlacing.

Tighten by simply pressing a simple button.

Neistat initial question was, why does the world need a $720 auto-lacing shoe when the original string lace is working perfectly fine and has worked forever. Nike explained that not everyone can tie their own shoes. Not everyone has the motor functions in their hands and there are people with cerebral palsy and other people who lack the dexterity to tie laces – that was the motivation they had in making this shoe which is AWESOME!

It’s really great that these people from Nike are doing this for the greater good.

Now, if they could lower the price to less than $200 that would be more helpful and awesome, right?

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Credit: CaseyNeistat