Selfie is the obsession now! I think almost everyone has done a selfie with their gadgets they’re using. There are good things and bad things in these obsessions and we cannot deny that fact. And here are some selfies, a completely stupid selfies that got them into trouble, technically they got arrested!  For me it’s a good thing, why? Because most of these images are from people who did a bad thing and were caught because of their selfie. Only few did it for fun or adrenaline rush, like the 16 years old who bypassed the guard to climb to the top of the World Trade Center and took a selfie. This is alarming in security of the said building, if a teenager can pass the security that easy what more the terrorist? I know what he did is wrong and he deserves his penalty but he did teach us a lesson, isn`t it?


Check them out

1. All for the sake of selfie and no one can stop her! 1. She did it all for the selfieKayleigh Hill ran out onto a baseball field during a 2013 College World Series for no reason other than an epic selfie. Well she got what she came for with a bonus! Lol! via Business Insider

2. Selfie first before robbing a bank! 2. How not to rob a bankBefore robbing a bank, Jules Bahler posted a selfie of him holding a submachine gun. He was busted by the FBI the next day. Good thing he was caught before he can really hurt someone!  via NY Post

3. Girls will be girls selfie is their thing!  3. They probably would have got away with it tooThese two teenage girls took an incriminating selfie just moments before robbing $400 from a burger joint in southern Sweden. The older one got sentenced but the young one got away with it! via Huffington Post

4. Testing your security! 4. Sneakiness only gets you so farA 16-year-old sneaked past a security guard in the middle of the night and climbed to the top of 1 World Trade Center to take a few incriminating selfies. He was arrested and charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass. Because of the adventure of this 16 year old teenager, the security of the world trade center was put to a lot of questions and criticism in all social media. This became a wake-up call to the security in charge of that building!  via Upper Michigan Source

5. Never forget about iCloud, it really helps! 5. Never forget about iCloudThis dumb criminal stole an iPad in Milan and took a selfie with it. Of course, the photo showed up on the owner’s iCloud, and the man was promptly arrested. Good thing he’s in with the selfie craze! Lol! via ANSA

6. Rule #1: never leave anything behind, especially with your pic as default image! 6. Rule 1- never leave anything behindA phone was found at the crime scene of a church, which identified the burglar, Adam Howe, all thanks to a selfie on the background of his phone. That’s worse than fingerprints! Taking about unlucky karma!  via Huffington Post

7. #Busted! Told you iCloud helps! 7. #Busted!Jess Ewald used a stolen iPhone to take a selfie, which went straight to the owner’s iCloud, which was forwarded on to the police. Soon, his photo was all over the police department’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and Ewald quickly turned himself in. Good thing he didn’t resist arrest!  via Daily News

8. iCloud seriously became their down fall. 8. Will criminals ever learn about iCloud SeriouslyThese two teens committed a series of robberies including one involving an iPhone. They were identified and arrested after an incriminating selfie wound up on the phone owner’s iCloud. Thanks iCloud! Lol! via Business Insider

9. Fail! Good thing he’s so dumb! 9. Fail!This burglar was caught after he took a selfie using the homeowner’s smartphone and accidentally sent it to a few of his victim’s contacts. Oops. Gotcha! via The Telegraph

10. Rihanna accidentally became a savoir! 10. They can thank Rihanna for thisWhen Rihanna was on vacation in Thailand, she posted a selfie of her with a slow loris, a protected species. This selfie caught the attention of the Phuket police, who arrested the two individuals who owned the slow loris, and charged them with possession of a protected animal. Thanks Rihanna! via The Daily Dot

11. Flash your cash wisely. Too much bragging kills! Lol! 11. Flash your cash wiselyThis drug mule landed in jail because of an incriminating selfie on his phone of him kissing banknotes. When his accomplices were busted, they led the police to this guy, and all it took was a look on his phone to break out the handcuffs. I think he is a fan of Mayweather Jr. Lol! via memeburn

12. Prison looks… rough? Now it will! 12. Prison looks... roughCell phones are a definite no-go in prison, but that didn’t stop these inmates. They were caught boasting on Facebook about how easy prison life is, but after they were caught, all their perks were stripped away. They weren’t exactly arrested, but life on the inside got a bit worse. Man talking about bad luck in prison! via Daily Mail


source: Diply