Most of the time our fathers spend their time at work. That’s why more often the credit of raising a child are given to our mothers, because they are the ones who are left at home taking care of us. But that doesn’t mean our dads cannot do the same things our moms do.

Here are 20 things that  awesome dads do that shows even a father can be a mother too. Surely you’ll be more proud of them and miss them after reading this.

1. They can cook

dad cooking…and be the best chef.

2. They can do the laundry

laundry…without messing up clothes.

3. They can do the housekeeping

housekeeping…while babysitting.

4. They can change diapers too

changing diapers…who said only mothers can do?

5. They can handle their kid’s bath time

bath time…and do it just perfectly fine.

6. They can dress their kids

dressing…and make them look great.

7. They can be a stay-at-home dad by choice

babysitting…and not just because they can’t find a job.

8. They can get out of bed in the middle of the night

dad wake up…even they are tired in their day job.

9. They can do their daughter’s hair

hair style…and nails it like a pro.

10. They can even do their daughter’s nails

nail polish…and do a great bonding moment too.

11. They can drive their kids to school

drive…and can pick them up when it’s time to go home.

12. They can also volunteer at school

school volunteer…even it means getting off from work.

13. They put their family first

article-2160638-13A7584C000005DC-689_468x290and considers being dad as an important job.

14. They worry about their parenting job

image_1401827089_jd_gv_baby_bites_dad_FB…if they’re doing it the right way.

15. They’re just fine with parenting solo

solo…taking their kids out all by themselves.

16. They can be the coolest dad in the world

iron aa… even if it means wearing an iron man suit.

17. They are able to comfort their kids

comfort…not just verbally, but physically.

18. They can show some affection

affection…and let their kids know they are loved.

19. They sure appreciate their kid’s mother

mother…and understand the role moms play in raising their children.

20. Lastly they can be emotional too

crying…and they’re just fine with that.

Our fathers are doing whatever they can to provide our needs. They also want to show us that they are the “Best dad in the world.” Being a father is not all about getting a job and working hard – it’s about spending quality time with their family, showing their love, being a good influence to their kids and leading them to become better persons.

H/T: Amazing Facts

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