Selfie is a type of self-portrait photograph, taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone.

They are often casual,  taken either with a camera held at arm’s length or in a mirror and typically include either only the photographer or the photographer and as many people as can be in focus. Selfie is a trend nowadays and is often associated with social networking sites.


Though most people took selfies just to show their faces and bodies, Buenos Aires-based photographer Sophie Starzenski takes selfies to a new level. She turned her selfies into a series of maternity pictures that she called “40 weeks and a mirror”. Her awesome pregnancy time-lapse shows her pregnancy’s steady, and beautiful progression from beginning to end.  Over a nine-month period, the only thing that changes besides her underwear is the bump on her tummy which changes the ridiculous selfies into a simple but beautiful form of art.

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