This article are for those people who loves taking photos with their smartphones. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro in photography or just a person in love with your phone (Lol!), these tips and tricks are for you!

tip 1

COOPH, The Cooperative of Photography, is back in the photo tip game again, this time showing us 7 smartphone photography tips you’ll want to be writing down if you ever shoot with the computer in your pocket.

From unique panorama uses to a clever way to easily take partially underwater photos, these tips are quick, easy and will certainly add a little variety to your Instagram arsenal. Watch the video below:

7 Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks

Demonstrated by photographer Lorenz Holder, a few of our personal favorites are the PanoDash and the water drop macro lens (a tip we’ve actually covered before on its own).

And although Holder uses an iPhone 5S to capture the shots in the video, almost any smartphone is capable of capturing and creating photographs using these tips, so don’t be discouraged by his choice of device. Just watch the roundup at the top and then get out there and get creative!

tip 2

Before I forgot, you might be wondering why I said “Maybe 8” in the title. The reason for this is, Tip #2 (above image) has another way to make that shot. A comment from a reader in PetaPixel named “Si G” gives a wonderful tip so that you will not turn your phone upside down and looked stupid just to do “Pano-Drivep-By”. Here’s the comment:

tip 3

 Now you know! What are you waiting for? Get out there and get creative!

H/T: PetaPixel