We’ve read about Sam and Jess’s romantic music video proposal and Tomer Algrably’s travel-themed surprise for his girlfriend. Men are becoming more creative and unique marriage proposals such as those mentioned are going viral around the world. Why are elaborate proposals so popular? I think because it is true that “love is a universal language understood by all.” And this story you’re about to see is the best example of this popular saying.

Gülhan Gülez planned to propose to his girlfriend of three years Sema on her birthday.

gulhan gulez

Since it was her birthday, he also wanted people from all over the world to give her special wishes.

So during their dinner date he played a video presentation of people greeting her “Happy birthday!” in different languages from 87 countries!

gulhan gulez 1

To do it, he made a website to gather the videos. It took him 3 months to collect 200 footage from half of all the countries in the world!

gulhan gulez 3

He even arranged the countries alphabetically from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

gulhan gulez 6

In the last few minutes of the video, Gülhan greeted Sema, presented her with a gift, and then popped the question.

gulhan gulez 7

Sena emotionally answered “YES.” See the sweet proposal below:

This romantic proposal was first featured here in Wereblog

Aside from the internet and social media, this proposal wouldn’t have been produced without the kindness of complete strangers who took time to greet a person from halfway around the world that they haven’t met.

The people who participated in this video probably had no idea that their greetings would be used for a wedding proposal-but now they do! Love in all of its forms is indeed a universal language.