Who would have thought that the most hated person in the entire history has this amazing talent…an artist. Maybe these facts wasn’t taught in school, and I think it’s because of his reputation. But before he became the “notorious one”, he was just an ordinary person, striving to survive. His life can be compared to “Cinderella” but with a dark twist in the end. He even produced hundreds of artworks and sold them to support himself when he was living in Vienna from 1908 until 1913. He even took exams in the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna but was rejected twice, once in 1907 and again in 1908 (I think this is one of the many reasons he became like that). And his name is Adolf Hitler, the famous leader of the Nazi Party!

Yes! Adolf Hitler is an artist, most of his work to support himself is postcards and painted house. He even paints during World War I, he brought his paints with him to the front and spent his free time making art. Most of Hitler’s paintings were bought by an Austrian businessman Samuel Morgenstern, who also happens to be his business of partner during his stay in Vienna. And before the occurrence of WWII, Hitler said this to British ambassador Nevile Henderson “I am an artist and not a politician. Once the Polish question is settled, I want to end my life as an artist.” But at the end of WWII, the U.S. Army seized a number of Hitler’s artworks. They were taken to the United Sates and are still kept by the U.S. government and probably we will never see them.

Kathrin Weidler, director of the auctioneers taking care of Hitler’s artwork, said it’s expected to raise thousands of dollars because the painting is a signed piece. And one of the artwork estimated to reach $60,000 is the 100 year old watercolor of old Munich City Hall.

Here are some of Adolf Hitler’s paintings

100 year old watercolor of old Munich City Hall adolf-hitler-paintings-1Dangerous Minds

adolf-hitler-paintings-2Dangerous Minds

adolf-hitler-paintings-3The Courtyard of the Old Residency in Munich │ Wikipedia

adolf-hitler-paintings-4Musician By Well │ Snyder’s Treasures

adolf-hitler-paintings-6Siegestor │ Snyder’s Treasures

adolf-hitler-paintings-7Hermann’s Mill│ Snyder’s Treasures

adolf-hitler-paintings-8Odeonsplatz │ Snyder’s Treasures

adolf-hitler-paintings-9Schloss Lamberg │ Snyder’s Treasures

adolf-hitler-paintings-10Seaside │ Snyder’s Treasures

adolf-hitler-paintings-11Color Pansies │ Snyder’s Treasures

adolf-hitler-paintings-12Munich Opera House │ Snyder’s Treasures

adolf-hitler-paintings-13White Orchids │ Snyder’s Treasures

adolf-hitler-paintings-14Tea Room │ Snyder’s Treasures

adolf-hitler-paintings-15Rolling Hills │ Snyder’s Treasures

adolf-hitler-paintings-16War Torn Town (1918) │ Snyder’s Treasures

adolf-hitler-paintings-17Tank Battleground (1916) │ Snyder’s Treasures

adolf-hitler-paintings-18Smoking Tank (1916) │ Snyder’s Treasures

adolf-hitler-paintings-19Destroyed Town of Ypres (1916) │ Snyder’s Treasures

adolf-hitler-paintings-20Castle Battlements │ Snyder’s Treasures

This shows that you really can’t judge the book by it’s cover!


H/T: Atchuup