Since early 2015, numerous “alien” sightings had been reported across social media sites. Though the authenticity of these sightings are still questioned and are probably considered as a hoax. Just like the image posted recently with a caption “alien-like humanoid” which was found in India.

The creepy image showed a man holding an alien-like humanoid which has four fingers and no thumb.


It is also described as “human-like” creature, an “alien-hybrid,” a “humanoid,” and “little man,” in various reports.

The mysterious being was found by the villagers in Jodhpur’s Bawadi village in Rajasthan, India while they were digging a well.


The spine-chilling photo had gone viral since it was first posted and had ignited flood of curiosity among experts and die-hard extraterrestrial fanatics. Skeptics also lined up to criticize if it’s a real deal or just one of the many frauds.

According to reports, the photo was taken last July 25. However expert believes that the creature dubbed as “alien-like humanoid” is just an unborn baby that’s been aborted and buried to hide the evidence.

Some people say that the aborted fetus may be suffering from genetic abnormalities and diseases such as Hydrocephalus, or Anencephaly.

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Still, the origin of alien-like creature is unknown and it seems, the only way to find out if it’s a human or not is through DNA testing as many cynics claimed it’s a fake image.

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I think it looks like an undeveloped aborted fetus and was freshly buried before being discovered. Is this just another elaborate hoax? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

Via: All News Pipeline