Greek Artist Petros Vrellis crafted an awesome portrait (Renaissance style) by knitting. Vrellis said that there is a lot of computing involved in the process of making this, but the final artwork carries absolutely no technology. It’s all manual. Though he uses the computer for the algorithm and design, you’ll see in the video that he actually knitted it by hand.

A single strand going back and forth on that circular loom. It’s hard work.

I’m still amazed on how neatly he managed to moved that string all over that circular loom and ended up with this beautiful portrait.

This particular work is actually inspired by El Greco’s portrait of Christ.Vrellis and El Greco’s Christ
Here’s a closer look. It’s an organized chaos.
He made other design as well.
Petros Vrellis Artwork

H/T: Petros Vrellis, artof01saatchiart