Asian photographer Qozop take some shot of youths and elders in their attire and then asked to swap their old and trending clothes and pose again, challenging age stereotypes. In his new “Spring-Autumn” series he addresses the role of clothing in our society through a clever and playful correlation of two generations. The idea behind this project came “from a notion that though Asia has become westernised to a large degree, it is still possible to witness its traditions and cultures.” the photographer said.

Participants have some fun shifting from ethnic and traditional dress to the more contemporary fashion style. According to Qozop it easy to make the youth participate in the said project but for the elderly it took a little bit of work. “They were often curious and amused to see themselves in their son’s or grandson’s attire – some were so comfortable in their new getup that they joked that they wanted to remain in that attire for the rest of the day!“ He added.

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Malay grandfather and grandson
Malay mother and daughter
Chinese grandmother and granddaughter
Indian grandfather and grandson
Chinese mother and daughter
Chinese grandfather and grandson
Indian grandmother and granddaughter

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