True love knows no boundaries and many can attest to that, such is this guy from Taiwan who proves that love is eternal by marrying the ashes of his dead girlfriend.

In this bizarre event, Mr. Lai who was devastated by the death of his girlfriend chose to marry her ashes to show his love and commitment. The wedding was held in Hsinchu village, Taiwan, which also serves as a farewell rite along with their friends and family.

Mr. Lai had his girlfriend’s urn dressed in a wedding gown with incense as ceremony music plays.


Though unusual, it can be seen how emotions filled the ceremony, as Mr. Lai and the witnesses wipe their tears during the proceedings.


The clip ends with the groom getting into a wedding car and driving off.

Watch the bizarre wedding here:

In Asia, ghost marriages where a dying man marries a female corpse to keep him happy into the afterlife are not uncommon anymore. However, marrying ashes in an urn is probably the most bizarre by far. What do you think about this bizarre wedding? Share your thoughts below!

Via: Mirror