We’ve featured several disgusting, terrifying and totally insane parasites that humans had to host against their will. However there’s one particular creepy parasite called “botfly” which habitually uses humans as its hosts.

Botflies belong to the family of flies called the Oestridae. The botfly itself is quite harmless when it’s mature.

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But the Dermatobia hominis aka “human botfly” is the only species of this breed were its larvae are known to wreak havoc on humans.

D._hominis_larvaImage credit: Wikipedia

Botflies regularly lay their eggs on the flesh of their human host until they mature and fly away.

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Humans’ warm temperature is the key factor why botflies love burrowing themselves into the skin of their host that would eventually cause excruciating pain.

botflyImage credit: cbsnews

Yes, botflies look harmless, until they laid their parasitic eggs. Check out the video below:


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Being infested by botfly is definitely a nightmare, however there are various methods to get rid of this parasite like tree sap known to kill the larvae yet leave its body in the skin. You can also block their breathing hole with nail polish or petroleum jelly. But the best solution is to seek medical help and let the pro remove the larvae out of your skin.