We’ve been seeing babies born with deformities held as God by some, like the newborn baby with eight limbs and the baby girl born with an elephant-like face being worshipped as the incarnation of Hindu God Ganesha.

While it is clear that those are just severe cases of birth deformities, others are being blinded by their religious beliefs which we cannot change and this story is no exception.

In 2009, the birth of Rishabh Ghimire drew crowds in Nepal to worship him because he was likened to a Hindu God with 8 limbs.

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Born in January 2009 to Rishi and Januka, Rishabh was afflicted with a rare condition that is only present in one in every 200,000 cases. He had a parasitic twin attached to him. This happened because his twin sibling failed to separate in the womb, which was feeding off his blood supply and slowly draining life from the stricken child.

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Locals believed his extra limbs is a blessing, but clearly, it is not. He was later dubbed as the Octoboy.



However, his parents feared for his health as he would certainly die without an operation to separate his twin that caused severe strain on his heart.

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Luckily, through the help of a children’s charity, Rishabh underwent a life-saving operation at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital in 2010.

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“In this case it was a good feeling. We knew we were removing something that shouldn’t have been there.” his surgeon Dr James Stein said.

Watch the amazing operation:


Miraculously, Rishabh’s life was saved thanks to the ground-breaking operation. It was a remarkable medical feat, a real blessing from God.

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“He seems so happy now. He won’t stop playing and moving around. Before he couldn’t even get to his knees. Now he can wear ordinary clothes and there’s no stopping him.” her mother Januka said.

Tears flowed down in Rishi’s eyes as he thanked the doctor for helping his son. He said: “Thank you so much for everything. “You have given my child new life. I’ll never forget my time in America. This has changed our lives and Rishabh has completely transformed. He has a new happiness in his life. It’s so beautiful.”

“The only other person that could do this is God himself.” the thankful father added.

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The baby once called “Octoboy” is now free from his twin and currently living a normal life. Please share his remarkable recovery to your love ones.

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