If there’s one thing I like about bullies, that’s when they got a dose of karma, such as this video of a bully who got floored after picking on the wrong guy.

In the footage, a group of boys believed to be from Netherlands, are seen walking down the street when one of them began harassing an unsuspecting guy who happens to be in front of them.

The bully, wearing a green jacket, shoves his victim who chose not to react at first – but when the former makes a silly kick, the victim suddenly snaps!


The poor guy fights back and makes a half-hearted swing that only prompts laughter from the group of bullies.

However, when the bully drops his guard, he throws a staggering left hook on the jaw which instantly knocks his oppressor!


The bully gets floored and lies motionless on the ground. On the other hand, one of the bully’s friend’s attacks the victim trying to avenge his fallen comrade who is extremely groggy on the pavement.

As the bully regains consciousness, he finds himself being the subject of mockery as his friends laugh at him while being filmed.

Lesson? Don’t ever start a fight you cannot win! –Via: Daily Mail