The practice of eating human flesh has been long gone in this modern world, that’s what we thought. Unfortunately, there have been reports that cannibalism in Uganda still exists!

Recently, a man named Monday Aluola shared a shocking story on Facebook that proves there are still cannibals around.

Aluola said: “We always hear these stories but some of us end up convincing ourselves that they are not true but, perhaps, this shocking story might change our thinking.”

Villagers of Kiboga town in Uganda have reported that some of their neighbors have been disappearing without any trace. Even the police had a hard time finding them. Fortunately, they continued the investigation until they eyed two men as their main suspects.

According to Uganda News. “A witness, who lost a relative last week, saw one of the men carrying human hand and alerted the police, who came and found the culprits boiling human head.”
Photo: Monday Aluola
On October 29, 2016, police raided a house where the two men were caught in the act cooking human beings!
Photo: Monday Aluola
The police also found unconsumed human body parts.
Photo: Monday Aluola
Apparently, some people still practice cannibalism in Uganda.

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This is a proof that cannibals still exist till this very day and it’s really terrifying to know that despite we are now in a modern world. – Via: Elite Readers