Remember the guy who dumps his cheating girlfriend in a very classic fake proposal? Well, this dude named Kyle Boggess probably took inspiration from that act and planned his own “romantic dumping moment” for his cheating girlfriend.

Apparently, Kyle knows she’s been cheating on him for quite some time now, but instead of breaking up with her over text or a senseless argument, he devises a genius plan to dump her – right on Valentine’s day!

Kyle invited his girlfriend to his house and made it look like a romantically cute Valentine surprise.

He blindfolded her and led her up the stairs, before revealing the room covered in rose petals and a toy elephant holding a card that says “Valentine’s Day Sucks”.

Kyle said, “If I can’t spend it with you, it definitely sucks.”

The unsuspecting girlfriend looks so thrilled and excited before she was asked to put the blindfold back on for the next big surprise. Then Kyle handed her a card saying, “You might be a little mad at me about it.”

She then removed the blindfold only to find out that the surprise is nothing but a screenshot of her cheating from a dating site.

Kyle excitedly shouts: “Yeah! That’s you cheating on me! So get the f*** out my house right now! I’m glad you drove an hour for no f****** reason and this is going on YouTube sweetheart.”

Surprised, she can’t do anything but smile ruefully and just said she doesn’t care and left.
Watch the video:

Apparently, this humiliated girl has been arranging dates with another man on dating website Plenty of Fish, and Kyle had set up a fake profile on the dating site and had been conversing with her and she told him she was single. Guess she didn’t saw that coming!

Via: Unilad