Conjoined bodies sealed in plastic wrap without air, some of you may think that these bizarre looking bodies are dead but they are not. For a project called Flesh Love, Japanese photographer Haruhiko Kawaguchi wraps people in shrink wrap, sucks out the air by a vacuum and takes photos of their distorted bodies. This is Haruhiko’s way of showing and preserving the love between two people.

They might look weird but this is one of a kind and absolutely unique photographs of couples done by a brilliant photographer.


Haruhiko Kawaguchi spends 10-20 seconds photographing couples that he met in nightclubs.



 Arranged them like those meat packages you buy at the supermarket.



Sealed in a 100 by 150 by 74 centimeters plastic bag.



Then sucked out the air by a vacuum.

flesh love duo 10 iIHIH

Haruhiko photographed over 80 couples for his project  “Flesh Love”

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During  the photo shoots “men panic more often than the women”. He said.


A few have struggled for air while in the bag and one man ended up pissing himself.

flesh love duo 20 iIHIH Japanese-shrink-wrapped-couples7-564x753

While the women just want to look good.

Japanese-shrink-wrapped-couples9-564x753 Japanese-shrink-wrapped-couples-564x753

A truly imaginative way of capturing couple’s precious moments.